At Credit Geeks our authors are dedicated to delivering objective and up to date content. Below is an outline of some of our key team members.

Edward specialises in credit reporting, credit scoring and finance in general. Edward's interest developed in this topic, after attempting to obtain a mortgage in 2010, and finding the process very stressful, with the lender mentioning credit files, and him not understanding this. Edward sought to enhance his understanding of the topic to empower himself, to ensure his credit applications went smoother, in the future. In learning about this area, it also became a passion for Edward due to the credit poverty cycle which he saw emerging from his research, where consumers with bad credit, end on products with high interest rates, miss payments, and make their situation even worse, until no lender will lend to them and they turn to increasingly desperate tactics, to gain credit, such as no credit check loans. Edward applied for free online credit checks, to help him to improve his situation.

Chris is a dedicated content writer with specialism in credit scoring, reporting and debt. Chris in the same way as Edward, discovered how difficult it could be to gain credit at decent interest rates when you fall behind with payments. Chris looked at multiple debt options, to resolve his situation, thus learning in the process the pro's and con's of different debt solutions available. To track his improvements in his credit file, Chris used credit reports tactically, to ensure lenders saw an accurate picture of his credit history, but also saw a reliable one. Chris has a Google Plus page.

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