How to Get an iPhone 6 with Bad Credit

How to Get an iPhone 6 with Bad Credit

The iPhone 6 release date has been and gone. You know you want to be lined up outside the Apple Store, but will you be able to purchase your contract phone with a poor credit rating? Many consumers find themselves asking that very question on their quest to obtain the iPhone 6’s lightning fast iOS 8 platform, larger 5.5’’ screen and iSight camera. Thankfully there are ways consumers looking to purchase a contract phone with poor credit ratings can still get the newest iPhone 6.

The first thing to know is what types of credit information contract mobile phone companies look for when you go to purchase your new iPhone 6. Mobile carriers cannot just pull your private financial information, you must consent to a credit check first. Also, keep in mind that if you are already a contract customer and simply upgrading your phone without switching carriers or contract details, you will probably not face a credit check. Contract mobile phone companies are focused on your ability to pay your monthly contract obligations. Any previous issues with credit account defaults, non-payments, or bankruptcy will send a red flag to the contract mobile phone carrier and you may be rejected. Here are three iPhone 6 purchase alternatives that can offer ways to obtain a new iPhone 6 with a poor credit score.

How to get an Iphone 6 on contract with poor credit

  • SIM-only contract: More and more consumers move away from monthly contract phone carriers in favor of SIM-only deals. This is the cheapest way to get the phone. The goal is for a customer to purchase his or her new iPhone 6 outright and use a SIM-only service plan with lower contract obligations. The initial outlay for an iPhone 6 will be higher (£539) but the credit checks are much easier to pass as you are not gaining a handset in the process. SIM-only users will also enjoy lower monthly service payments which will eventually lead to saving money over the long-term and helps build a positive credit history if payment is made on time every month.

Other options to get an Iphone 6 or previous Iphone with adverse credit

  • Pay-as-you-go: Apple is directly offering a “Pay-as-you-go Starter Pack” featuring a brand new unlocked iPhone 6 pre-loaded with call minutes. This started package supports texts and data options as well. The total cost of iPhone 6 and minutes through many of the UK’s major carriers will run on average £539-£635*.
  • Consider an older model: With the launch of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5s just became cheaper. If spending £539-£635 is out of your budget, consider a SIM-free or pay-as-you-go plan combined with an iPhone S5. You will save 25-35%*! Paying for a phone on a contract is also a good way to improve your overall credit score.

The launch of the iPhone 6 signals new flexible service options for consumers. Apple and other popular cell phone companies such as Samsung and HTC want consumers with all types of financial histories to have access to the latest technology and are creating solutions with that goal in mind. Smaller, more agile cell phone carriers are undercutting the big dogs by eliminating contracts completely. They want your business regardless if you have been rejected in the past! 

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