All 3 Bureau Credit Reports in 1 Service - Free 30 Day Trial

Check My File is a fabulous credit check and report provider, who combine information from all three UK credit agencies (Experian, Equifax and Call Credit) into one managable report. You can access this information on a piece by piece basis using their Check My File - One-Off Multi-Agency Report facility, or sign up to the monthly reports using the Check My File Monthly Sign-up package which offers outstanding value compared to offers by similar providers. Checkmyfile now offers a free 30 day trial!

  • FREE 30-Day Trial
  • All 3 Bureau Credit Reports
  • £14.99 Per Month (after trial)
  • 7 Free Credit Scores
  • CCJ's, Defaults, Bankruptcy
  • Identity Theft Assistance
  • Customer Support

The Multi-Agency Credit Report

CheckMyFile claim that the monthly multi agency report gives customers access to twice as much information as any other credit reporting service, and from the looks of it- this claim seems fair. For the most detailed view, you need to go direct to the Credit agencies themselves, but for the vast majority of us, is the pick of the bunch. It's cheaper too!

Free Credit Score and Credit Rating anyone?!

Checkmyfile, provides free credit scores and credit rating. Checkmyfile includes Equifax and Callcredit credit scores, to create a unique checkmyfile credit score.

What else does Checkmyfile Provide?

Checkmyfile also includes the following:

  • Multi-Agency Credit Reports
  • Free Credit Score and Rating
  • Free Identity Theft Assistance
  • Independant, Impartial, Expert Advice
  • Free tools like 'postcode checker'.
  • Credit products matched to your credit profile.

Checkmyfile History

Checkmyfile is a trademark of Credit Reporting Agency Limited, and has been around since 1999, and where the first company to provide consumers on-line access to their credit reports. Checkmyfile were the first to use credit scoring as a tool to assist consumers in finding lenders that matched their credit rating, thus reducing the risks of being declined.

This principle has been adopted by many other businesses around the world since, but it was seen right here first. A lot of services, like Checkmyfile sprung up after the adoption of positive credit reporting in the UK, because lenders were now able to see information on your financial dealing with other lenders, as the bureaus started to collect information from most lenders and create a shared knowledge of all potential borrowers. The increased transparency served lenders well, as they got to see a much clearer picture of your ability to manage debt. So why shouldn't consumers themselves, be able to make use of this information.




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