Aqua Credit Card

Aqua is a lender that specialises in offering credit to those that have been unable to get traditional credit from High Street lenders.

Aqua offers credit in the form of credit cards and is a specialist lender that caters for people from all sorts of backgrounds and with a range of different financial circumstances. Essentially the Aqua Credit Card, is for those with a bad credit history (but it does depend how bad).

Aqua Credit Card
  • Aqua Credit Card
  • Credit limit up to £1600
  • Consider CCJ’s, Students

The credit cards available from Aqua will offer a range of benefits for those that are keen to improve their credit rating through rebuilding their credit history. This lender, like any other, does not guarantee that any applicant will get approval for a credit card. However, it focuses on the individual circumstances of those making an application for credit rather than operating on a one size fits all basis. This means that many people that have or have had credit problems may still be able to get finance and with this card they can start to rebuild their credit until they are able to get mainstream finance again.

Who is the Aqua Credit Card for?

The Aqua card is designed for people that have bad credit and who may have found it difficult to get credit elsewhere. There are a number of people that may find that they are not eligible to get a credit card from a mainstream lender but could still qualify for a credit card from Aqua. This includes people that fall into the following categories:

  • Those who have a bad credit score and credit history
  • People who are unemployed, such as home makers and full time carers
  • Those on a low income or people working part time
  • Students
  • Those who are not on the electoral roll
  • Those with County Court Judgements
  • Those who are keen to improve their credit

Aqua will consider people that fit in to any of these categories, even though they may have been declined by other lenders. If successful, those that have bad credit will be able to use the Aqua card to help rebuild their credit and improve their credit score.

How does the Aqua Credit Card work?

This bad credit credit card is ideal for those that have poor credit or problems getting credit elsewhere because it not only provides them with the credit that they need but also gives them the facility to improve their financial situations.

In order to get the best out of the card in terms of improving your credit there are a number of things that you should do. This includes:

  • Use the card on a regular basis and make sure that you repay the balance in full each month. This means that despite the card's high interest rate you won't be charged interest if you repay in full within the interest free period yet you can still rebuild your credit by using and repaying the card regularly, which will then show up on your credit file and show other lenders that you are able to manage your finances properly.
  • Make sure that you do not miss any repayments. This will further damage your credit. It is worth setting up a direct debit with your bank if possible so that the repayment goes out automatically and you never miss the deadline.
  • Make sure that you stay within your credit limit when you use the card, as otherwise you will get another black mark on your credit file and end up being charged a fee.

The typical interest rate charged on the Aqua card is 32.9 percent. However, if you repay the balance in full each month you won't pay any interest at all. Do bear in mind that if you only make the minimum repayment you will pay a fortune in interest over the term of the credit and it will take you far longer to repay even a modest balance because most of your payment will be swallowed up in interest.

Upsides and Downsides to Using the Aqua Credit Card

There are both pros and cons to consider with the Aqua credit card and these include:


  • The card is able to help those with bad credit to repair their credit and improve their credit score. It is important to note that this is something that prepaid credit cards cannot do, as they do not impact your credit one way or the other
  • They are available to a wide range of people that may not be able to get credit elsewhere, such as students, unemployed, those with CCJs, and those not on the electoral roll
  • These cards have a high APR but users will not be charged any interest if they repay in full within the interest free period


  • The interest rate is very high for those that are unable to repay in full each month
  • Making the minimum repayment means that you will pay a fortune in interest and be repaying the debt for a long time to come
  • If you fail to use the card responsibly you could end up doing even more damage to your credit file

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