£2 Statutory Credit Report - One Off Credit Report

£2 Statutory Credit Report - One Off Credit Report

One-Off Credit Reports or Statutory Credit Reports are available from Experian, Equifax and Callcredit for £2 per time. Credit reports in the UK are extremely important files that can make a big difference to the ability of any adult to get finance of any sort, ranging from credit cards and loans to car finance and mortgages. In fact, the state of your credit report can affect many other areas of your life such as being able to rent a property and in some cases getting a job. Statutory credit reports do not provide access to your credit score only a Free 30 day trial access to your credit report, will provide this. Checkmyfile has a one off multi agency credit report access option for £19.99 which covers all three agencies, if you want to save time.

What is a Statutory Credit Report?

Credit reference agencies are able to provide you with a copy of your statutory credit report via a number of methods including via post and on-line access, and under the Data Protection Act they are able to charge £2 each time you request a copy of the report. Legally, everyone in the UK has a right to access these reports. However, you cannot access them on behalf of someone else – you can only request a copy of your own credit report. Consumers have the right to the following:

  • Access your Experian, Equifax or Callcredit credit report on-line or via a printed copy. A printed copy has to be posted to you within seven days of you requesting it.
  • Dispute any incorrect information on their credit report.
  • Once notifying the relevant credit reference agency, have any errors corrected in 28 days.

How to get access to your One-Off Credit Report via post or on-line

When it comes to accessing your statutory credit report there are a number of options open to you. The most convenient and speediest method is to order your report online, which will give you instant access to the information so you can start going through the details without delay, the links below are for on-line access to your statutory credit report (can view it on-line or order it via post).

If you prefer you can have the credit report posted out to you and you can do this by either sending a request online or by printing off the application form and sending it along with the payment.

Why should consumers check their £2 Statutory Credit Report?

Checking your credit report is particularly important when applying for a mortgage, loan, credit card or any other type of credit. It is advisable for anyone to check their UK credit report on a regular basis to ensure that it is not being adversely affected by things such as inaccurate or out of date information (as the credit reference agencies can hold incorrect information). This also enables you to keep your eye out for suspicious transactions that could indicate identity fraud and most importantly enables you to monitor your progress if you are trying to improve your credit.

Pay monthly Credit Reports provide access to your Credit Score

Another option open to those that want regular access to their credit reports is to go for the pay monthly option. With the £2 statutory credit report you are simply sent your report via your chosen method and you can then do with the information what you will. However, when you opt for the pay monthly service you get an actual service rather than just a copy of your credit report.

When you opt for a pay month service for your credit report you will normally get a thirty day free trial, which means that you can see whether the service is for you. If you cancel your subscription within that free trial period you do not have to pay anything. If you decide that you would like on-going access to your credit report you will be charged a set fee each month, which will be taken from the credit or debit card that you designate. You can also make a separate payment to get access to your actual credit score, which will show you whether your rating is poor, fair, good, or excellent, and will also show you exactly what your credit score number is (statutory credit reports do not show credit scores).

Cancel pay monthly Credit Reports at any time

One of the great things about these pay monthly arrangements is that you can cancel at anytime, so you don't have to worry about being tied into any long term contract or commitment. This means that you can receive the credit report for a few months, cancel, and then start again a few months down the line if you wish. The service is totally flexible, and for those that want to keep a close eye on their credit can represent great value for money.

Pay monthly Credit Reports compared to Statutory Credit Reports

Whilst receiving one off statutory reports can be very good for those that just want to have a quick check of their credit report and information there are many benefits that are offered by the pay monthly credit report service compared to the one off statutory report, these include:

  • With the pay monthly arrangement you get an actual service rather than just a credit report.
  • You will have access to customer services to help you address any issues and problems and provide expert advice.
  • You can get 30 days free access to ensure that this service is right for you, with the ability to cancel at any time within that period and be charged nothing.
  • You can continue with the pay monthly arrangement for as long as you like, with the ability to cancel at anytime without the need to commit on a long term basis.
  • You can get free advice relating to your credit report and score with tips to help you improve your rating.
  • You can get email alerts with regards to any changes that have occurred on your credit file.
  • You can access your actual credit score online, enabling you to see whether your rating is poor, fair, good, or excellent, and what your actual credit score number is.

Check your online free credit report now from Experian (Credit Expert), Equifax or Callcredit, and gain access to your credit score, to start tracking the improvement to your credit file right away. Remember your credit report is like your house, it needs regular maintenance, particularly just before making any credit applications.

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