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Equifax is a credit referencing agency in the UK that provides credit services to banks and other financial services companies that lend finance to consumers and businesses. There are three credit bureaus in the UK, Experian which is the largest, Call Credit which is the smallest - but growing. Equifax is the middle player in the industry, but has a very strong reputation for data integrity and is a partner to many banks across the UK.

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The role of credit agencies is becoming more significant as time goes on. With the global financial crisis still vivid in our memories, banks are growing more selective about who they lend to and who they do not. Credit agencies provide critical information about potential borrowers that have a significant bearing on that lending decision. The advent of the online credit report is a pure revelation. They allow consumers to help ensure that banks are getting the best information they can to help make good lending decisions, and in doing so increasing their chances of obtaining the credit they need to move life forward.

But it isn't just about credit or not. Having access to credit at the lowest interest rate you can get is key to saving many thousands of pounds in a lifetime. Equifax is one of the business that holds a credit report on you. You can easily Sign up to Equifax to get access to this report on a 30 day free trial, and see what lenders think know about you. You'll be able to help clean up the report, and remove errors - boosting your credit score. This will impact you in big ways and put the power back into your hands. If you find that your credit report is low and justified, start reading our website regularly, and begin to take positive steps toward a stronger financial position.

Equifax ID Protection

Equifax Identity Watch Pro is an identity theft protection scheme from Equifax designed to cater for those that are concerned about becoming a victim of this sort of crime and who want to protect themselves against ID theft. You can order monthly access to this scheme for £9.95 per month. There are a number of benefits that you will receive with this scheme including:

  • Unlimited access to your Equifax credit report.
  • Automatic alerts that are sent within 24 hours of any significant changes to your credit report.
  • Webdetect will alert you if your financial details are shared on websites by fraudsters.
  • Access to dedicated customers services staff members

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