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Logging into Equifax - Explained!

Equifax, has a consumer credit report product, to login into this you need to go to www.equifax.co.uk, and then click on the link on the home page which is located top right called 'Member Centre Login'. This is where you login to see your Equifax, credit report and credit rating score.


Once you click on the member centre login link on the home pages you will then be taken to the page below, to login to see your Equifax credit report.

What is available when you login into Equifax?

Equifax allows you insight into what information lenders consider on you before accepting or rejecting you for finance. Equifax Credit Reports Membership provides the following:

  • Access to your Equifax Credit Report with detailed sections around your account information, address you are registered on the Electoral Roll, CCJ, Aliases, Financial Associations, Public Record Information, Reposession information, Prior Searches on your credit file, Information from CIFAS, Information from GAIN, Linked Addresses, Financial Associate Searches.
  • Options to purchase your Equifax Credit Rating Score up to a max of 900, which is considered an excellent credit score. This is an overall indicator of the health of your credit status.
  • Alerts on any changes to your credit report, including searches of your credit file.
  • Recommendations on how to improve your credit report and thus credit score.
  • Dedicated customer help team to provide assistance in improving your credit report.
  • Recommendations of finance products that would be relevant for your credit rating.
  • Alerts via email of any changes to your credit report, a great first line defence to identity theft and fraud, Equifax also has specific products for this such as Equifax Identity Watch

Above is just an overview of the extensive benefits of membership with Equifax, get your free credit report now!

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