Experian £2 Statutory Credit Report

An Experian Statutory Credit Report is One-Off Access to Your Credit History

So why buy your Experian Statutory Credit Report for £2? Firstly you could be refused for credit if your report contains errors or omissions. Secondly, even if you are getting credit, errors (which are alarmingly common) will mean you are paying too much interest, and could be wasting lots of your hard earned money. Paying for your one off Experian Statutory Credit Report is a great idea.

Credit Geeks has found the link here for on-line access to your statutory one off credit report, this is either £2, for just your report, or £14.99 for your credit score and credit report. This is for one off access, however often on-going access is required, for example to rebuild your credit score over time.

Pay Monthly Credit Reports are the alternative with free 30 day trial

Experian have a pay monthly service called Credit Expert, which allows you instant on-line access to your credit report, and a contact centre who can advise on the best ways to improve your credit report and thus credit score.

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Free Experian Credit Score
  • £14.99 Per Month (after trial)
  • CCJ's, Defaults, Bankruptcy
  • Free Identity Theft Alerts
  • Victims of Fraud Service
  • Customer Support

For one they are quicker, you could be logging in to your credit report within a very short period of time whereas using the mail to request your statutory credit report can take a while, why wait when you don't have to.

With online credit reports you can also communicate more quickly and effectively with Experian in order to correct mistakes and clean up your credit which is the main reson for gaining access.

Another reason why an online version of your Experian credit report is better is that you can get access to your credit score, which is really the only way to get a sense for how good your credit worthiness really is. It is a health check benchmark of your credit report, and is very important. We'll talk about credit scores a lot on Credit Geeks because they are very useful for not only understanding how lenders see you now, but also to track improvements in your score ever time as you work with us toward building your credit score

If you are new to credit reporting

We always recommend signing up to the free online credit reports of the three UK credit reference agencies. The reason is that they are each different and you never know which ones will be involved in the lending decision when you next apply for finance. On-going we'd suggest using one or two as the 30 day free trials do expire and after the intial peiod there is a monthly cost. While the cost is actually very small, once your three records are clean and up to date, you only need one for on-going tracking, for example through checkmyfile.com.

Start with the biggest credit reference agencies Experian and Equifax

We suggest signing up to Credit Expert by Experian first as they are the biggest, then Equifax and then Call Credit. You dont need to sign up for all three at once, but it can be simpler that way. You can sign up above for your free Experian Credit Report here and then once you have gained access to them visit our section on how to improve your credit score and we will help you to gain the credit score that truely relfects your status. We also provide lots of tips on how to maintain good financial management and review the many products and sevices aimed at helping you build and maintain a strong credit score.

All the best!

Credit Geeks

Experian Statutory Application

If you do still want to go for the paper version, you can download the form from Experian here and mail it to:

Experian Credit Report Services
PO Box 1135,
WA55 1 EP

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